ETUT aims for an industrial and scientific cooperation with our partners:

Network Rail NR has experience with EMC in the rail   sector in both power delivery and signalling. Detailed data on electrical   impedances of Network Rail equip-ment for EMC. In-house developed EMC   analysis software. Focusing on complex railway stations.
MM Tech MMT has a wealth of experience in   the design, construction and operation of electric vehicles using the latest   technology as well as design and construction techniques
Lambda Engineering Lambda Engineering is a small engineering company performing research,   training and consultancy to large companies. It has dedicated equipment for   power line interference measurements and investigations.
THALES Multinational company in safety critical complex systems. 106 engineers,   15 EMC laboratories, and 5 of them are accredited. All key EMC facilities are   available for the Early Stage Researcher (ESR) to use. THALES, as complex   system integrator.
Transavtomatic Transavtomatics is a scientific and industrial company with the main   objectives in designing and implementing signalling, micro-processor and   relay interlocking systems, automatic crossing alarm systems.
Prydniprovska Railway One of the largest branches of Ukrainian railway which serves for biggest   industrial cities. Includes more than 244 stations. Main objective:   maintaining and implementing new railway automation devices.