ESR2 Cathrine Feloups, ESR4 Ivan Struzho, ESR6 Rodica Botnarevscaia colaboration

Many thanks to Dutch EMC-ESD society for organization the EMC Kennismarket on the TU/e campus. It was great opportunity to present ETUT project to scientific society!

“Introducing a new gadget into an old system may result in faults; this is the same issue that Ukraine had a few years ago when they employed modern electromotive trains in the old communication system that could not be upgraded. The ETUT project, which stands for European Training Network in Collaboration with Ukraine for Electrical Transport, aims to solve incompatibility issues caused by the addition of new devices to an existing system.”

It was a very good experience for Cathrine E.S. FeloupsRodica Botnarevscaia and me!

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