ESR06 – Rodica Botnarevscaia

Rodika Botnarevscaia was born in 1971 in Moldova. She obtaineda diploma in Automation and telemechanics in railway transport from the College of Railroad Transport in 1990. She then worked with the State Enterprise Railways of Moldova (CFM Moldova) as an operational mechanic, and then as an engineer in the linear control room of the Railway Department. While still at CFM Moldova, she joined Dnipro National University of Railway Transport where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in 2008 and then master’s degree in 2009. Her master’s degree research focused on “Equipment of a railway station with devices of Block Route Relay Interlocking” from which she was able to publish two articles. First article is titled: Elaboration of laboratory stand for diagnostics of railway   switching-cross motor, and second article is titled: Diagnostics three-phase power asynchronous motors. 

After completing her studies at the university, she continued to work as an operation engineer at the State Enterprise Railways of Moldova (CFM Moldova) until July 2021. Her main responsibilities included monitoring the proper operation of all automation devices on the entire railway, as well as ensuring the smooth operation of communication devices.

Research in the ETUT project:

From 2021, she is a PhD candidate and employed within the ETUT project towards a joint doctorate between the DniproNational University of  Railway Transport (DU) and University of Twente (UT). Her research as an ESR 06 focuses on EMC of traction supply railway system with new (digital) communication devices.