ESR10 – Iqra Aitbar – Summer School I feedback

A very interesting and informative #Summerschool experience with MSCA ITN EJD ETUTMSCA EJD ITN ETOPIA and SCENT Project – Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions team at University of Twente (with some of us via teams unfortunately).

It started with identifying our personality types and how we can create a synergy within our team by benefitting from our distinct qualities.

We were given the great opportunity to learn about #researchintegrity#Howtopublishapaper and different cultures of Europe from Frank Leferink.

It was also quite informative to see Waseem EL Sayed‘s work and it came with great technical tips on what we can do in #ETUT.

Many thanks to Alexander MattheeDenys Pokotilov and Daria Nemashkalo for giving us helpful and candid insights on how to make outreach, secondments, conferences more productive and rewarding.

See you all next time (in person hopefully) :))

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