Official Start of ETUT

Today the ETUT project officially started. We will be working on Scientific objectives; Doctoral training objectives and Societal objectives.

Advanced models and simulation methods allowing for uncertainty for connected devices and systems. Novel modulation techniques for decreased and permissible interference. Full experimental evaluation and characterisation in time- and frequency-domain electromagnetics of transport installations.

Develop a structural doctoral programme in PE and EMC by 3 leading research groups at renowned universities, in close collaboration with industry Strengthen and structure the initial training of researchers at European level. Provide trained researchers with the necessary skills to work in industry. Improve career perspectives by broad skills development, and building a durable consortium in research and training.

Provide bigger career perspective for Ukrainian engineers via collaboration with top western universities. To train more electrical engineers, making them available for European society. Implementation of the newly developed and acquired knowledge by close collaboration with industry via secondments, training schools and case studies and thus actually contribute to the EU 2020 ambitions.