ESR11 – Pablo Briceño- New goals at University of Nottingham

A year ago, I was under a lockdown in Santiago (Chile), searching for job opportunities or a PhD. I knew I needed to experiment in a new place, wherever in Chile or abroad. My academic experience and first jobs as Electrical Engineer were in the same place. I enjoyed my job and had challenging tasks, but it was time to leave my comfort zone.

After some weeks, I found a call for PhD positions at the ETUT project. When I read the title of the specific assignments, I decided to apply. I gathered the paperwork and wrote down the cover letter. After some presentations and a couple of weeks, I received a marvellous email from the University of Nottingham saying I was admitted. My spouse and I could not believe it. After that, we started to plan our trip for two adults and one baby, prepare to quit our jobs, sell our stuff, and leave our home.

In February 2022, after some domestic trips, defeat covid, and paperwork, we bought the flight tickets and hit the road. Nottingham was our destiny, and we do not regret the decision. The city is calm, and you can commute without problems by bus or tram, which always is clean and punctual. The green areas are astonishing, and you always be close to one, which is fantastic when you have babies or toddlers. Indeed, the city makes me remember my hometown in Patagonia.

My family and I, enjoying a cold evening in the Meadow Recreational Ground

By my side, the chance to belong to a world-class University and study in the PEMC building with colleagues from different parts of the world has been gratefully and superb. Railway technology always has attracted me, and I feel that my PhD project will improve jointly with the international collaboration of my colleagues and supervisors at the University of Twente.

My baby and I are at the University Park.

I am so glad to be part of the ETUT project. And to be frank, sometimes I can’t believe it due to the enormous chance to attend workshops, conferences, and industrial and academic secondment. I will do my best and enjoy this experience.

The entry to the PEMC building.

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